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Items are crucial to the player's success throughout the game. When picked up they can modify the player's stats, grant or modify abilities, and assist the player in many ways.
An item is picked up by using the 'E' or 'Right Shoulder Button' control while the player's character is positioned next to the item. When the item is picked up the item's name, description, and stat modifications, if applicable, are displayed in the center of the screen for two seconds before disappearing and activating the item's effects.
Some items require a payment of Bits or Bytes before they can be picked up.

Types[edit | edit source]

There are two types of items, active items and passive items.

Active[edit | edit source]

Active items are carried by the player and only one can be carried at a time. If the player picks up an active item when he or she is already carrying one, the picked up item and the carried item are swapped. There is no limit to the number of times the player can swap his or her carried item. An active item's unique effect is triggered by using the 'Q' or 'Right Shoulder Trigger' control when the active item's cooldown time is zero. Once an active item is used its unique cooldown time is set and must count down to zero before the active item can be used again. Cooldown time is measured in seconds. The carried item's icon, name, and cooldown time are displayed at the top left corner of the GUI. There are 17 active items in the game.

Passive[edit | edit source]

Passive items add a permanent effect to the player. There are 104 passive items in the game.

Random Generation[edit | edit source]

When an item is spawned it is randomly chosen using random number generation. A random integer between 0 and 120, inclusive, is generated, representing an item's ID.
If the item with the ID corresponding to the generated integer has already been spawned, then a new item is generated based on a new random integer. Once an item has been spawned, it will not spawn again. This process repeats until the generated item has not yet been spawned.
The generated item's pool is then checked. An item's pool restricts where it can spawn. For example, an item in the Shop pool can only spawn in the shop. If the item is being spawned in the shop and the generated item's pool is not the Shop pool, then a new item is generated based on a new random integer. This process repeats from step one until the generated item's pool is the pool of the item being spawned.
The item pools in the game are the Normal and Shop pools.
Once an item in the necessary pool is generated, its rarity is checked. An item's rarity is defined by an integer between 1 and 100, inclusive. A random rational number between 0 and 100, inclusive, is generated and is compared to the generated item's rarity value.
If the generated item's initial rarity value is less than or equal to 50, then its rarity value is multiplied by the player's RNG stat temporarily for the comparison. If the player's RNG stat is greater than one, rare items will become more common while if the player's RNG stat is less than one, rare items will become rarer. If the player's RNG stat is equal to one, rare items' rarities will not be affected.
If the generated item's rarity value is greater than or equal to the generated rational number, then the generated item is spawned. If the item's rarity value is less than the generated rational number, then the entire item generation process repeats from step one until an item is generated that meets all requirements. This means that items with rarity values close to 1 are rarer than items with rarity values close to 100.
In the event that every item in the required pool has been spawned, the item, Kyuppa, will be spawned. This is the only item in the game that can spawn multiple times.
This diagram is a visual representation of the random item generation process:

Random Item Generation Diagram.png

Locations[edit | edit source]

Items can spawn in many ways:

  • An item from the Normal pool will spawn at the beginning of each level where the two walls forming the player's spawn area meet.
  • An item from the Normal pool can spawn at an enemy formation.
  • An item from the Normal pool will spawn at a super patched enemy's location when a super patched enemy on a level is defeated.
  • An item from the Normal pool will spawn at the last enemy's location when the last enemy on a level is defeated.
  • An item from the Normal pool will spawn at the center of a miniboss room when a miniboss is defeated.
  • An item from the Normal pool will spawn at the center of a boss room when a boss is defeated.
  • One to two items from the Shop pool will spawn in a shop.
  • An item will spawn when the player trades his or her carried item for a new item from a randomly generated pool using an item machine.
  • An item from a randomly generated pool has a low chance to spawn from a chest. This chance also applies to the Mimic enemy.
  • An item from a randomly generated pool has a low chance to spawn when the player uses the file, randhack.exe.
  • An item can be changed into a new item from the original item's pool when the file, rnghack.exe, is used while the player is positioned closer to the original item than any other item and while the original item is within a rectangular area slightly larger than the player's view enclosing the player's view.
  • An item from a randomly generated pool will spawn at the player's location if the player has picked up the item, The Legend, and defeats all enemies on a level in one kill streak.

List of Items[edit | edit source]

Item ID Pool Rarity Description Stat Modification(s)

and/or other effects (if known)



0 Normal 30 "Gotta go fast." +1.5 SPD Passive


1 Normal 5 "Fish can roll." +0.5 SPD Passive


2 Shop 30 "Mining..." No Stat Change

Slowly generates Bits over time


The Glitch

3 Normal 60 "A functional malfunction." +1 SHOTSPD

Shot visual becomes garbled


The Apple

4 Normal 10 "First!" +0.4 RATE +1.5 SHOTSPD +0.1 RNG +200 BITS Passive

The Window

5 Normal 30 "Or the flag?" +0.3 SPD +2 RANGE +1 DMG +200 BITS Passive


6 Normal 40 "Where we're going we don't need roads." No Stat Change

Activate for a brief bust of speed


The Floppy Disk

Floppy Disk.png
7 Shop 100 "Barely two megabytes." +1 RAM Passive


8 Shop 90 "A flash of memory." +2 RAM Passive

The SD Card

Sd Card.png
9 Shop 85 "Micro." +2 RAM X0.9 SIZE Passive

The CD

10 Shop 90 "The entire spectrum." +2 RAM Passive

The Hard Drive

Hard Drive.png
11 Shop 49 "The most powerful one here." +3 RAM -1 SPD +1 DMG Passive

The Cloud

12 Shop 49 "You have arrived at storage heaven." +3 RAM +0.3 SPD +1 RANGE Passive

Task Manager

Task Manager.png
13 Normal 20 "End task." +0.1 RNG Passive


14 Normal 1 "This item does something." N/A Passive

The Penguin

15 Normal 25 "Do as you please." +? +? Passive


16 Normal 40 "What are walls?" No Stat Change

Activate while against a wall that isn't a level border

to be placed on the other side of it.


Router Reset

Router Reset.png
17 Normal 100 "Have you tried resetting your router?" +0.5 SPD Passive


18 Normal 89 "You're going to have to get closer." +0.3 SPD +2 SHOTSPD -2 RANGE Passive


19 Normal 40 "Ignore it all." +1 RAM Passive


20 Normal 30 "Loading..." N/A Active

The Mouse Wheel

Mouse Wheel.png
21 Normal 80 "Frequent rotation." +0.2 RATE Passive

Mouse Right Click

Mouse Right Click.png
22 Normal 40 "There are options." +0.3 RNG Passive

Mouse Left Click

Mouse Left Click.png
23 Normal 50 "Click, click, click..." +1 DMG +0.2 RATE Passive

The Mouse Cursor

Mouse Cursor.png
24 Normal 20 "Complete control." +2.5 RANGE Passive

Shut Down

Shut Down.png
25 Normal 10 "Shutting down..." N/A Active


26 Normal 50 "01101000 01100001 01101100 01110000" No Stat Change

Functions as RNGhack.exe

(re-rolls nearest item)



27 Normal 20 "It will be back." +2.5 RANGE

Shots bounce off walls


The Legend

28 Normal 60 "Stuck in Bronze." No Stat Change

Text similar to a video game appears when you kill

an enemy, such as "First Blood" for the first enemy

in a level, or "Ace" for the last one.



29 Normal 10 "10^100" MAX BITS Passive

The Fez

30 Normal 10 "A whole new perspective." No Stat Change

Activate to get a zoomed-out view of the level



31 Normal 70 "It hertz your enemies." +0.2 RATE Passive

Glass Cannon

Glass Cannon.png
32 Normal 10 "Please do not drop what I am about to hand to you." X0.25 RAM X2 DMG +4 DMG Passive

The Pause Button

Pause Button.png
33 Normal 10 "Save it for later." N/A Passive

The Torrent

34 Shop 60 "For when you have no bits." 0 BITS Passive

The Keyboard

35 Normal 40 "Edit your chances." +0.3 RNG Passive

The Firewall

36 Normal 60 "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" N/A Passive
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